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Strategic Decision Makers, Technical Experts, and Hands-on Professionals from Water Utilities Throughout The World Including

CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, Deputy Generals, Heads, Directors & Managers of:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Demand Management
  • Technology & Smart Networks
  • Customer Experience Transformation
  • Strategy & Regulation
  • Water Supply Networks & Customer
  • Performance Improvement
  • Digital Engineering
  • Water Resources
  • Customer Strategy, Billing & Customer Experience Design
  • Smart Metering/Smart Metering Transformation     
  • Metering Strategy & Technology  
  • Innovation  
  • Data & Analytics  
  • Customer Leakage   
  • Water Demand Reduction
  • Metering Engineers 

Plus, Investors, Directors, CEO’s, Business Development Heads, Sales Directors, & Technologists From Smart Metering Solution Providers, Representing….

  • Smart Metering Hardware Solutions  
  • Intelligent Retrofitting
  • Devices & Solutions  
  • Software For Customer Personalisation  
  • Global Water Consultants & Market Analysts  
  • Communications Infrastructure For Smart Metering  
  • A.I. & Machine Learning Solutions  
  • Billing Solutions  
  • Smart Meter Project Managers & Turnkey Solution Providers  
  • Sensors & IOT Devices  
  • Customer Facing Apps  
  • Mobile Phone Integration Solutions    
  • Training Providers For Tariffs & Metering Innovation  
  • 5g & Wireless Middleware Solutions  
  • Digital Twins To Visualise Complex Data  
  • Smart Metering Future Proofing Solutions  
  • Data Visualisation Solutions For Customers  
  • Smart Grid Solutions For Metering Integration  
  • Data Analytics Solutions  
  • Data Integration Solutions  
  • Leakage Management Technology Solutions  
  • Smart Software Integration Solutions  
  • Valves & Flow Components For Smart Water Meters  
  • Data Protection & Privacy Specialists  
  • Virtual Simulation Software  
  • Cyber Security For Smart Metering  
  • Workforce Training Solution For The Digital Era    
  • Intelligent Network Technology  
  • PR Companies Specializing In Customer Communication  
  • Legal & Communication Experts To Help Handle Anti-Metering Groups  
  • Data Usage Applications For The Water Industry  
  • End-To-End Metering Solution Providers  
  • Trial & Project Management Partners‚Äč

Delivering All The Information Required To Implement Smart Meters And Customer Data Applications In The Water Industry

Justifying The Business Case And Best Practice Implementation Strategies
For Achieving Cost-Competitive Smart Metering Programmes

Today, many water authorities in the United Kingdom, Europe, and the rest of the world are actively evaluating the benefits of introducing smart metering programmes. Several water utilities in the UK, for example, are considering implementing smart metering technologies as a means of combating climate change and the resulting water scarcity that potentially could become widespread by 2035.

Since LBCG held its first metering conference in 2006, a great deal has changed, and technology has advanced dramatically. There are currently intelligent metering technologies that can be integrated with valves for leakage and network management. And more complex solutions are now available for retrofitting legacy meters with advanced digital capabilities. In addition, applications and mobile-enabled gadgets that go beyond traditional smart meters now provide users with the ability to monitor their own consumption, make smarter decisions and change core behaviours. 

During the research phase for this conference, we spoke at length with industry representatives about the intended benefits of smart metering technologies, and it is evident that there is no one-size-fits-all answer. In the current era of rising inflation and cost-of-living problems plaguing many western economies, business cases are not always so obvious or straightforward to justify. Some water authorities prioritise demand control, while others concentrate on expense reduction or income growth. In spite of this, it is evident that over 85 per cent of the 100 water firms with whom we spoke are seriously considering installing smart metering technology or alternatively, some form of advanced customer data application before 2030.

Numerous senior-level water professionals witness that for a smart metering technology solution to be cost-effective, it must be entirely upgradable and future-proof. Water Utilities cannot afford to invest in a smart metering scheme that may become obsolete in whole or in part. This is only one example of a fundamental consideration that must be made when establishing end-to-end smart metering implementation programmes.

A 2 Day Agenda Packed With High Quality Presentations, Q&A Sessions, Enhanced Networking

At this conference, case studies and practical solutions from the United Kingdom, Europe and the rest of the world will be presented, illustrating how water utilities in particular scenarios and markets evaluate the business case for investing in smart metering technologies to achieve their core objectives. Although high-quality presentations remain an important feature, we have also built in plenty of time for curated questions and discussion sessions and the first day ends with an extended drinks reception for enhanced networking.

Day 2 focuses more on making effective use of actionable data, as this is ultimately the purpose of the technology. To examine how to implement smart devices and applications to sustain behavioural change. 

We also made sure to create an agenda that prioritises concrete outcomes like actionable insights and effective implementation strategies. Many of our delegates have shown a strong desire to get together to examine roadblocks and conduct in-depth analyses of different components of the business case. Then, from the perspective of a cost-benefit analysis, to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the different technologies. 

Comprehensive Smart Metering Business Case Evaluation and Implementation Strategies

Reasons To Attend This Event

Business case assessments and practical examples are being brought in from a variety of countries

During our research conversations, you notified LBCG that it would be valuable to understand how other international water utilities create a business case and choose specific technologies for smart metering. Cities suffering from water scarcity, dry areas, and even water-rich countries, such as Canada, are considering installing smart metering systems for many different reasons. Expect to hear a variety of use cases and actual implementation case studies from multinational water utilities with whom you would not typically network with.

Combining strategic level speakers and strategy heads with middle management practitioners responsible for metering implementation, network management and leak detection integration

Technology is only a component of this conference, and it will not be overemphasised. The sessions on the agenda are intended to concentrate largely on the business case, followed by practical implementation strategies that are effective and cost-competitive. The sessions will include visionary keynotes to highlight the financial and ROI elements, as well as the best execution measures.

Learn how to create the most effective smart metering implementation plan 

Feasibility studies play an essential role in the implementation of intelligent metering programmes. In accordance with the current state of the industry, pilot testing, proof of concept and localised trials are prominent features of the agenda. Alternate sessions will also show how water companies work through the business case for different operating scenarios and the associated cost-based assumptions of end-to-end system integration.

Analyse the deployment of smart meters from beginning to end, with an emphasis on data analytics for customer empowerment Ultimately, the technology exists to enable the data stream and the creation of data. The agenda sessions emphasise what to do and how to act upon the data so that it is beneficial to customers.

Avoid expensive implementation mistakes Discover what makes a “good” system

If water authorities make a mistake with their water metering deployment, such as, for example, selecting a technology that rapidly becomes outdated, the costs may be astronomical. As usual, we're working with our speakers to encourage them to be frank about what's working, as well as what some of the problems were, or even some of the failures. The ultimate objective is to establish a success criterion for smart metering adoption and offer the industry a road map to collectively comprehend what makes a “good, fit for purpose smart metering system”.

Every single water utility has something to offer and something to learn 

According to what you've told us, the rapid pace of technological change, the uncertainty of the macroeconomic outlook, and the possibility of climate change-related events significantly altering the supply-and-demand water balance all mean that every water utility is constantly learning about new aspects of smart metering implementation. Expect the networking to be full of focused, highly relevant discussion and the conference room to be still full at 6 pm, as with most of LBCG’s water events. There is, after all, so much to learn. And so many solutions and spin-offs to investigate.    

Use the LBCG app, to schedule informal meetings in advance.

Networking is an essential aspect of this conference. And we are bringing in expert facilitators to drive the conversation to find solutions and share best practices, in addition to delivering top-quality, vetted in advance, presentations. In addition, one key innovation is that all delegates will receive an app that allows them to schedule informal meetings with other attendees in advance. So that you may plan your schedule and make the most of all the allotted networking time over the two days, please note that the meetings are informal only as LBCG does not operate an organised compulsory meetings model.


DAY 1:

Delivering All The Information Required To Implement Smart Meters And Customer Data Applications In The Water Industry

  • Mega-Trends In Worldwide Deployment & Testing Of Smart Metering Technology & Data Analytics Applications To Achieve Environmental Policy And Water Conservation Goals

  • CEO/CFO Perspectives On What They Are Looking To Achieve Through Smart Metering Implementation
  • Successful Smart Metering Implementation For An Authority That Needs To Conserve Water Whilst Reducing Cost
  • Implementing An Action Plan For A Cost Effective End-To-End Smart Metering Programme That Delivers Value For Both Customers & The Water Utility
  • Justification Of The Business Case For Implementing Intelligent Metering Technologies As An Enabler For Climate Action
  • Championing The Use Of Smart Metering Technologies To Identify And Repair Customer Leaks On A Scale Never Before Attained
  • Making The Case For Smart Metering Technology Investment To Gather Complete & Consistent Data To Engage Customers In A Conversation About Water Consumption And Usage
  • Probing Under-Explored Benefits Of Smart Metering Technology For Water Companies & Customers - Including Saving Money On Meter Readings, Safety & Social Monitoring
  • Implementing Smart Metering & Leveraging Data Within An Ecosystem Of Intelligent Networks
  • Successfully Implementing A Smart Metering Programme: Execution Strategies, Technical Details & Practical Tips From The Field
  • An Operational Roadmap For Leveraging Data Generated By Smart Water Meters To Influence Customers' Behaviour & Detect Leaks
  • Retrofitting Mechanical Meters With Smart Functionality For Leak Detection To Avoid The Cost Of Building An Entire New Infrastructure
  • Best Practice Retrofitting Of Mechanical Meters With IOT Sensors & Wireless Networks That Are Reliable And Cost Effective
  • Learning About New, Scalable Ways To Improve Existing Water Meters And Provide A Smart Water Home Experience For Water Utility Customers With Hardware Add Ons
  • Cost Benefit Analysis Of A Smart Meter And Valve Combination To Remotely Adjust Water Flow And Then Following Through With An App For Customers
  • Combining Smart Devices And Analytics Solutions To Gain Actionable Insight For Leak Detection


Meet Water Utilities From All Across The Globe, Whether They're In Attendance In Person Or Online 

  • Convincing & Educating Consumers On The Benefits Of Smart Metering And How To Use The Technology In The Context Of Climate Change, Inflation, And The Cost Of Living Crisis
  • Working With Diverse Customer Groups To Change Attitudes To Technology & Apps
  • How To Tailor Communication To Different Groups Of Customers To Make It Easier For Them To Change Their Behaviour And Attitude Toward Metering Data And Water Conservation
  • Addressing The Nuances Of Handling Political Opposition To Smart Meters & Dispelling Health & Privacy Concerns
  • Best Practice Utilisation Of Metering Data – Beyond Billing, Usage & Leak Detection – To Create Value For Water Customers
  • Knowing What Data To Share With Customers & How To Communicate Water Savings Messages Alongside That Data
  • Optimising The Network Architecture & Implementing New Technology To Give Customers Full Visibility Over Their Usage Data
  • Evaluate The Latest Solutions & Innovative Products To Help Water Utilities Make Better Use Of Data Generated From Smart Meters & Intelligent Sensors
  • Evaluating The Most Recent Intelligent Software Products, Virtual Simulations, And Digital Twins To Support Smart Metering Technologies To Identify Pressure, Flow, And Consumption Anomalies
  • Making Sure That The Hardware And Communications Technology Used In Smart Metering Programmes Can Be Updated Easily And Cost Effectively In The Future
  • Future Proofing Smart Hardware And Communications Technology So That They Can Be Implemented With Minimal Disruption And Expense
  • Investigating New Technology Solutions, Beyond Traditional Smart Metering That Utilise Sensors & Apps To Provide Customers With Real-Time Data & Alarms
  • The Latest Developments In Smart Metering Data Analytics, & Machine Learning To Help Customers With Their Decision-Making
  • Use Case On Utilising Digital Twins To Take Metering Data & Present It In A Way That Is Easy For Staff To Understand To Help Customers Manage Consumption
  • Adapting The Workforce In The Field To The Era Of Smart Metering & Water Data Analytics
  • Developing More Advanced Skills for Those Involved in the Installation, Management, and Maintenance of Metering Infrastructure, Including IT, Data Analytics, and Communications Technologies
  • The Roadmap On Developing Measures To Address Cyber & Data Security Risks Relating To Smart Meter Technology & Devices

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