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Strategic Decision Makers, Technical Experts, and Hands-on Professionals from Water Utilities Throughout The World Including

CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, Deputy Generals, Heads, Directors & Managers of:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Demand Management
  • Technology & Smart Networks
  • Customer Experience Transformation
  • Strategy & Regulation
  • Water Supply Networks & Customer
  • Performance Improvement
  • Digital Engineering
  • Water Resources
  • Customer Strategy, Billing & Customer Experience Design
  • Smart Metering/Smart Metering Transformation     
  • Metering Strategy & Technology  
  • Innovation  
  • Data & Analytics  
  • Customer Leakage   
  • Water Demand Reduction
  • Metering Engineers 

Plus, Investors, Directors, CEO’s, Business Development Heads, Sales Directors, & Technologists From Smart Metering Solution Providers, Representing….

  • Smart Metering Hardware Solutions  
  • Intelligent Retrofitting
  • Devices & Solutions  
  • Software For Customer Personalisation  
  • Global Water Consultants & Market Analysts  
  • Communications Infrastructure For Smart Metering  
  • A.I. & Machine Learning Solutions  
  • Billing Solutions  
  • Smart Meter Project Managers & Turnkey Solution Providers  
  • Sensors & IOT Devices  
  • Customer Facing Apps  
  • Mobile Phone Integration Solutions    
  • Training Providers For Tariffs & Metering Innovation  
  • 5g & Wireless Middleware Solutions  
  • Digital Twins To Visualise Complex Data  
  • Smart Metering Future Proofing Solutions  
  • Data Visualisation Solutions For Customers  
  • Smart Grid Solutions For Metering Integration  
  • Data Analytics Solutions  
  • Data Integration Solutions  
  • Leakage Management Technology Solutions  
  • Smart Software Integration Solutions  
  • Valves & Flow Components For Smart Water Meters  
  • Data Protection & Privacy Specialists  
  • Virtual Simulation Software  
  • Cyber Security For Smart Metering  
  • Workforce Training Solution For The Digital Era    
  • Intelligent Network Technology  
  • PR Companies Specializing In Customer Communication  
  • Legal & Communication Experts To Help Handle Anti-Metering Groups  
  • Data Usage Applications For The Water Industry  
  • End-To-End Metering Solution Providers  
  • Trial & Project Management Partners‚Äč


Gary Adams

Gary AdamsHead Of Smart Metering Programme

Northumbrian Water

Daniel Sullivan

Daniel SullivanGeneral Manager, Research, Innovation & Commercialisation

South East Water (Australia)

Richard Channell

Richard ChannellHead of Smart Metering Strategy

Thames Water

Adam Smith

Adam SmithManager Smart Networks & Metering

Yorkshire Water

Zoe-May Jones

Zoe-May JonesProject Manager - Green Recovery Smart Metering Programme

Severn Trent Water

Maria Humbelina Vallejo

Maria Humbelina VallejoDeputy Director of Commercial Services

Canal de Isabel II

Vadim Lyu

Vadim LyuManaging Director, UK & Ireland


Dr Michael Bold

Dr Michael BoldSmart Metering Manager

United Utilities

Antonio Cagiano

Antonio CagianoHead of Metering

Acquedotto Pugliese SpA

Jeremy Heath

Jeremy HeathInnovation Manager

SES Water

Ehab Basuoni

Ehab BasuoniWater Meter Division Head

Aqaba Water Company

Jason Slade

Jason SladeIMDS Smart Metering Development Manager

Anglian Water Services

Dr. Mahmoud Al-Hader

Dr. Mahmoud Al-HaderHead of Asset Information

Al Ain Distribution Company

Doug Spencer

Doug SpencerHead of Smart Metering

Anglian Water Services

Sean Audley

Sean AudleyAzure IoT Technical Architect

Wessex Water

Nino Marino

Nino MarinoSpecialist Asset Management

Oasen Drinkwater

Samuel Loyson

Samuel LoysonHead of Smart Metering


Aiken Besley

Aiken BesleySenior Advisor  

Water Resources Environment Agency

George Crowder

George CrowderManaging Director

Crowder Consulting

Will Lewis

Will LewisSmart Metering Lead


Angela Wallis

Angela WallisTechnical Specialist Water Demand Management

Environment Agency

Kathy Shaffer

Kathy ShafferVice President, Product Management of Meter Data Management Portfolio


Rick Hanks

Rick HanksSmart Metering Lead EMEA


Clement Lapeyre

Clement LapeyreHead of Customer Experience


Harsha Anand

Harsha AnandChief Evangelist and Global Head of Advisory

Enzen Group

Jonas Porzelt

Jonas PorzeltBusiness Development Manager – Analytics & Services

Diehl Metering

Ronald Hermans

Ronald HermansOffering Manager Utility Software


Tertius Rust

Tertius RustFormerly Head: AMI and Digital Transformation

City of Cape Town

Tyler Simpson

Tyler SimpsonVice President – Global Water Sales

Hubbell Utility Solutions

Inge Opreel

Inge OpreelCIO


Kevin De Wilde

Kevin De WildeProject Engagement Manager


Annalisa De Munari

Annalisa De MunariWater Utilities UKI Strategy & Consulting Lead


Liz Burlon

Liz BurlonWater Smart Metering & Sustainability Consulting Lead


Mark Mannear

Mark MannearTransformation Expert

North Highland

Adrian Suarez Armas

Adrian Suarez ArmasIoT Strategic Projects

Telefonica Tech

Discover The Why, The ROI & How To Leverage Data To Deliver Value: Hear From Trials, Limited Rollouts & Full-Scale Implementations 

Given the pressing impacts of climate change on global water supplies and the emergent need to optimise consumption and address leakage, the industry is steering towards innovative solutions. The imperative is unambiguous: utilise more granular data to induce behavioural changes and address the challenges posed by leakage and severe climate phenomena.

In essence, the emphasis at the Global Smart Water Metering & Intelligent Data Utilisation Congress is squarely on the intelligent exploitation of data, considering the comprehensive cost of acquiring such data and delving deeply into strategies for practical implementation. Numerous water utilities worldwide are evaluating AMI trials and commencing smaller-scale rollouts, leading to a unified, pivotal question: How can the industry quantify the tangible value and benefits of using more granular data? In a world bound by financial constraints, those deciding to choose AMI over AMR are confronted with another pressing question: Is the ROI worthwhile?

Making Better Use Of Data And Addressing Implementation Challenges

Indeed, smart metering acts merely as an enabler; it identifies, quantifies, and directs actions aimed at reducing water usage and addressing customer leakage. Consequently, the actual utilisation of this data is crucial and is the focal point for most of the presentations on day one.

"Honestly, the data is there, but making it talk, making it reveal the secrets of customer behaviour, now that’s an art!"
Head Of Metering Projects, French Water Utility

You told us that understanding and streamlining data is like refining gold; it’s about meticulously processing the raw, extracting the valuable, and moulding it into insightful shapes that can adorn strategies and decision-making processes for reducing consumption, leakage and more.

"The challenge is not just in acquiring data, but in optimising its utilisation and calculating the return on investments.
It’s a delicate balancing act!"
Director Of Smart Metering Projects, UAE

Did you know? An extensive focus on data analysis can lead to a 20% reduction in water wastage, highlighting the critical role of intelligent data usage in resource conservation!

Surprising, Or Not? The ongoing networking and data acquisition costs pose major challenges to water utility providers globally, demanding meticulous evaluations of the total costs involved in data acquisition and utilisation.

A growing need is emerging for compatible systems and integrated data platforms to facilitate seamless data handling and more informed decision-making processes.

Interesting Fact! Around 72% of European water utility providers we spoke to are utilising advanced data analytics and AI to optimise their processes and make more informed decisions.

And whilst intelligent data usage underpins the success of an innovative water project, there are many implementation challenges as well.

Procuring 8 to 10 million smart water meters in Europe alone applies unparalleled pressure on supply chains worldwide! As manufacturers strive to keep up with this escalating demand, there is a growing contemplation on the robustness of supply chain capabilities and the timely delivery of required meters.

Practical Case Studies, Solutions And More

  • Learn how to realise the strategic benefits of smart water metering through innovative approaches to ensure that investments in technology yield sustained value
  • Advance data analysis processing to deliver crucial benefits by calibrating data analysis processing to navigate tomorrow's challenges proficiently
  • Achieve data-driven excellence in enhancing leak detection and fostering climate resilience amidst extreme weather events
  • Discover actionable solutions on enhancing data granularity, capable of revealing more intricate and frequent data
  • Hear how water utilities are integrating AI and Machine Learning to discern individual patterns and deliver predictive insights and timely alerts on unusual consumption

Do you consider the current levels of data granularity sufficient to provide detailed insights into specific usage patterns?

Is your organisation fully exploiting the capabilities of smart meters and AI technology to address water consumption issues efficiently?

Day one dives into the transformative power of intelligent data analysis processing, exploring avenues to deliver unparalleled value and substantial ROI on data usage. It’s a journey through cutting-edge methodologies and ground-breaking strategies, offering insights into optimising the value derived from every piece of information.

Day two shifts the lens to address the pivotal technological, telecommunications, and supply chain challenges. Fully curated discussions will unfold around safeguarding metering technology against the unpredictability of weather and potential vandalism, integrating revolutionary battery technologies, and overcoming the hurdles of telecommunications coverage.

8 Hours Of Pure Networking + 18 Hours Of
Strategic Presentations & Collaborative Learning

This year, we’re offering a dynamic format featuring detailed, practical case studies, extended Q&As, and ample discussion opportunities. In tandem, we are organising specialised workshops and master classes on diverse aspects of data analysis processing and technology selection. Please see here for full details.

Attention Potential Sponsors

Our consultation with water utilities throughout our research phase has shed light on their key procurement priorities for the next 12 to 18 months. Distinct trends are surfacing, with Europe showing heightened interest in procuring solutions related to AI, data automation, telecommunications solutions, and integration with existing legacy systems and frameworks. Given the high end-user ratio, this presents an unparalleled opportunity for professionals in metering to engage with top-tier decision-makers and delve into high-value discussions.

In summary, this event is a synergistic amalgamation of discussions, networking, and learning. Our focus remains steadfast on the intelligent utilization and analysis of data, addressing its inherent challenges, and exploring the innovative solutions it necessitates, making it a pivotal rendezvous for learning and commercial interactions.

Our mission is to make this the world’s number 1, most informative conference on smart metering for water. The best conference for water utilities to learn. And the premier conference for solution providers wishing to develop new business

“Great experience to understand better the macro problems we deal with”
Manager Support Technician, Aquas E Energy

“Enlightening - to have water companies and suppliers in one place to discuss and network together is invaluable”

“Very insightful and excellent networking”
Head of Smart Metering, Suez



  • TOTAL COST AND ROI ANALYSIS: Delve into comprehensive cost analysis and evaluation methodologies for understanding the ROI on data acquisitions and its practical applications
  • DATA UTILIZATION: OPTIMIZING THE USE OF DATA FOR LONG-TERM STRATEGIES:  Considering how data will be used and adapting to various scenarios is key for long-term strategic alignment
  • AI INNOVATION AND APPLICATION: Learn about the real-world applications and tangible benefits of AI in addressing challenges like leakage and pressure release in water metering
  • INTELLIGENT DATA PROCESSING AND UTILIZATION: Learn strategies to streamline the data processing from smart meters and utilise this data intelligently for improved decision-making
  • CUSTOMER BEHAVIOR AND USAGE ANALYSIS: Uncover the significance of understanding customer behavior and leveraging usage data for more accurate forecasting and strategy formulation
  • CLIMATE CHANGE & SMART METERING:  Explore the role of smart metering in the climate change scenario and how it impacts water supply
  • LEAKAGE AND CONSUMPTION REDUCTION: Understand the novel strategies to combat leakage and promote consumption reduction through customer behaviour insights
  • STREAMLINED DATA PROCESSING:  Explore innovative approaches to refine and intelligently utilise the vast amount of data generated, ensuring effective and timely data processing
  • DEMOGRAPHIC USAGE ANALYSIS AND FORECASTING: Gain insights into how different demographics use water under varied conditions and how this knowledge is pivotal for accurate future forecasting
  • ADVANCED METERING INFRASTRUCTURE INSIGHTS: Learn about the importance and benefits of AMI and how it can resolve key issues related to accuracy in billing and improve meter reading processes
  • COSTLY CONSEQUENCES: AVOIDING IMPROPER TECHNOLOGY CHOICES: Making the wrong technology choice can lead to severe financial and reputational repercussions
  • CONNECTIVITY CHALLENGES: ACHIEVING ROBUST CONNECTIVITY: Reliable connectivity for smart water metering is crucial for consistent implementation, especially in challenging terrains
  • PERFORMANCE PUZZLES: ENSURING OPTIMAL TECHNOLOGY FUNCTIONALITY: Multifaceted aspects like battery life, environmental conditions, and compliance impact the performance of smart metering technology - discover solutions 
  • SYNCHRONIZED CONTRACT MANAGEMENT: Master the art of drafting contracts that synchronise various stakeholders effectively
  • LEGACY SYSTEMS: INTEGRATING NEW TECHNOLOGIES SEAMLESSLY: Overcoming integration problems due to reliance on outdated systems is pivotal for technological advancement
  • COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY INSIGHTS: Deep dive into diverse communication technologies like LoRaWAN and narrowband IoT to understand which suits specific needs
  • INDUSTRY STANDARDIZATION: UNDERSTANDING THE IMPACT OF PAYLOAD FORMATS: Learn from industry standardisation authorities in smart metering technologies

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