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Strategic Decision Makers, Technical Experts, and Hands-on Professionals from Water Utilities Throughout The World Including

CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, Deputy Generals, Heads, Directors & Managers of:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Demand Management
  • Technology & Smart Networks
  • Customer Experience Transformation
  • Strategy & Regulation
  • Water Supply Networks & Customer
  • Performance Improvement
  • Digital Engineering
  • Water Resources
  • Customer Strategy, Billing & Customer Experience Design
  • Smart Metering/Smart Metering Transformation     
  • Metering Strategy & Technology  
  • Innovation  
  • Data & Analytics  
  • Customer Leakage   
  • Water Demand Reduction
  • Metering Engineers 

Plus, Investors, Directors, CEO’s, Business Development Heads, Sales Directors, & Technologists From Smart Metering Solution Providers, Representing….

  • Smart Metering Hardware Solutions  
  • Intelligent Retrofitting
  • Devices & Solutions  
  • Software For Customer Personalisation  
  • Global Water Consultants & Market Analysts  
  • Communications Infrastructure For Smart Metering  
  • A.I. & Machine Learning Solutions  
  • Billing Solutions  
  • Smart Meter Project Managers & Turnkey Solution Providers  
  • Sensors & IOT Devices  
  • Customer Facing Apps  
  • Mobile Phone Integration Solutions    
  • Training Providers For Tariffs & Metering Innovation  
  • 5g & Wireless Middleware Solutions  
  • Digital Twins To Visualise Complex Data  
  • Smart Metering Future Proofing Solutions  
  • Data Visualisation Solutions For Customers  
  • Smart Grid Solutions For Metering Integration  
  • Data Analytics Solutions  
  • Data Integration Solutions  
  • Leakage Management Technology Solutions  
  • Smart Software Integration Solutions  
  • Valves & Flow Components For Smart Water Meters  
  • Data Protection & Privacy Specialists  
  • Virtual Simulation Software  
  • Cyber Security For Smart Metering  
  • Workforce Training Solution For The Digital Era    
  • Intelligent Network Technology  
  • PR Companies Specializing In Customer Communication  
  • Legal & Communication Experts To Help Handle Anti-Metering Groups  
  • Data Usage Applications For The Water Industry  
  • End-To-End Metering Solution Providers  
  • Trial & Project Management Partners‚Äč



Workshops take place in person only and will not be live streamed

Tuesday 5th March, 2024

Practicalities Of Turning Raw Data Into Engaging, Actionable Insights For Customers

AI & Machine Learning For Smart Metering Water Data Analysis & Automation

Friday 8th March, 2024

Middleware, Software & Workflow For Integrating Smart Water Meter Data

Practicalities Of Integrating Robust Cyber Security Measures Into Smart Metering Systems

Tuesday 5th March

Practicalities Of Turning Raw Data Into Engaging,
Actionable Insights For Customers

Purpose of the Workshop: This intensive half-day workshop delves into the multifaceted challenge of transforming complex, raw data into clear, actionable customer insights. In today's data-driven age, it's essential for water utilities to communicate data findings in a manner that's not just comprehensible but also compelling and actionable for the end-users. Making sense of vast datasets is no longer enough; the real skill lies in translating this into actionable strategies that resonate with customers. To influence them to take action to reduce water consumption.

Why This Workshop is Important: Water utilities are awash with data, but the value lies in its translation. If data can't be understood, or if its significance isn't clear, then its power is lost. This workshop emphasises real-world application by allowing participants to discuss specific challenges and share solutions in an interactive format. Participants will tackle concrete problems, such as ensuring data relevance, honing visualisation techniques, and crafting narratives that drive customer engagement.

Learning Objectives & Takeaways:

  • Understand the principles of data translation and its importance in customer engagement
  • Learn best practices in data visualisation and storytelling
  • Engage in hands-on activities to turn abstract data into tangible insights
  • Share and learn from challenges faced by peers in an interactive discussion format


09:00 Introduction & Overview
Setting the scene and understanding the importance of data translation.

09:15 Principles Of Data Translation
A deep dive into the essential methods and tools needed to transform data into actionable insights.

09:45 Crafting a Narrative with Data
Techniques to create compelling stories that resonate with your target audience, driving action and engagement.

10:15 Hands-on Activity: From Raw Data to Visual Story
Participants will be given a raw dataset and will work to transform it into a compelling visual story.

10:45 Refreshment Break

11:15 Best Practices in Data Visualisation
Exploring the latest tools, techniques, and trends in data visualization that captivate and inform.

11:45 Interactive Session: Sharing Challenges & Solutions
An open forum for participants to share the challenges they've faced in their roles and collectively brainstorm solutions.

12:15 Ensuring Data Relevance and Reliability
Methods to ensure that the data being presented is not just accurate, but also relevant and timely for the audience.

12:45-13:00 Conclusion, Key Takeaways, Networking

13:00 Lunch

Tuesday 5th March

AI & Machine Learning For Smart Metering Water Data Analysis & Automation

Purpose of the Workshop: The smart water metering sector is rapidly evolving by incorporating AI and Machine Learning. This transformation promises smarter decision-making, automated processes, and efficient water management. However, the shift is not without its challenges. This workshop aims to demystify the integration of AI and Machine Learning in smart water metering, emphasising its relevance in data analysis, automation, and enhanced communication protocols.

This workshop promises a harmonious blend of theory, practice, and interaction, ensuring participants are equipped to harness the power of AI in smart water metering effectively.

Why This Workshop is Important: AI and Machine Learning offer unprecedented tools to meet the demands of analysing vast quantities of smart metering data.  For instance, handling massive datasets from smart meters manually can lead to overlooked insights or delayed interventions. Automated AI-driven analysis can predict potential leakages, analyse consumption patterns, and suggest targeted interventions in real time. Practitioners need to understand these advancements not just theoretically but also practically, navigating the actual challenges they'll encounter on the ground.

Learning Objectives & Takeaways:

  • Understand the foundational concepts of AI and Machine Learning in the context of smart water metering
  • Learn the strategic and technical aspects of integrating advanced data analytics tools into water management systems
  • Navigate the choice and challenges of communication technologies in smart metering.
  • Engage in interactive problem-solving sessions addressing real-world challenges faced by the industry


14:00 Introduction & Setting the Context
A brief overview of the evolving water industry landscape with AI and Machine Learning

14:15 AI Innovations & Digitalization in the Water Industry
Exploring the strategic role of AI and the steps towards its meaningful integration.

14:45 Advanced Data Analytics & Insights
Exploring tools and strategies to analyze water consumption patterns, leakage predictions, and optimization techniques.

15:45 Refreshment Break

16:15 Hands-on Activity: AI-Driven Data Analysis
Participants engage with real datasets to derive actionable insights using AI tools.

16:45 Interactive Session: Addressing Challenges
An open floor discussion where participants share the challenges they've encountered and brainstorm collective solutions.

17:15: Future of AI in Water Management
Predictions, opportunities, and potential pitfalls as AI continues to permeate the water industry

17:45 Best Practices & Case Studies
Real-world examples of successful AI integrations in smart water metering and the tangible benefits realized.

18:15 Conclusion, Feedback & Networking

Friday 8th March

Middleware, Software & Workflow For Integrating Smart Water Meter Data

Purpose of the Workshop: In an era marked by technological advancements, integrating smart water meter data is paramount for informed decision-making. This workshop will unpack the technical nuances and workflow strategies associated with middleware and software tools, equipping practitioners with the skills to harness data for insightful outcomes. As water utility sectors increasingly leverage smart meter technology, understanding how to seamlessly aggregate, analyse, and action this data becomes pivotal.

Why This Workshop is Important: Modern water utilities are inundated with data from smart meters, but turning this raw data into actionable intelligence remains a challenge. Efficient middleware and software systems are the cornerstone of effective data integration, offering solutions to common problems such as data silos, redundancy, and real-time analysis delays. By streamlining data workflows, practitioners can rapidly respond to water usage anomalies, predict system failures, and optimize resource allocation.

This workshop provides a holistic view of the smart water meter data integration landscape, ensuring participants are well-equipped to navigate the intricacies of middleware, software, and workflow strategies effectively.

Learning Objectives & Takeaways:

  • Grasp the fundamentals of middleware and its role in smart water metering
  • Discover the best software tools tailored for water meter data integration
  • Navigate the challenges and pitfalls of real-world data integration scenarios
  • Master workflow strategies for efficient and insightful decision-making


09:00 Introduction & Overview
Setting the stage: The pivotal role of data in modern water utilities.

09:15 Middleware Explained: Bridging Gaps in Data Flow
A deep dive into middleware, its functions, and the benefits it brings to data integration.

09:45 Selecting The Right Software: Tailored Solutions for Data Integration
Exploration of leading software tools and their alignment with specific water utility needs.

10:15 Workflow Strategies: From Data Aggregation to Decision Making
Structuring workflows to ensure seamless data transition and timely, informed decision-making.

10:45 Refreshment Break

11:15 Interactive Session: Tackling Real-world Integration Challenges
Participants share their unique challenges, brainstorming solutions and best practices in a collaborative setting.

11:45 Case Study: Successful Data Integration in a Metropolitan City
Analysing a real-world example of effective middleware and software integration, extracting lessons and insights.

12:15 Pitfalls & Precautions: Ensuring Data Integrity and Security
Addressing concerns of data breaches, redundancy, and other common pitfalls. Strategies to mitigate risks.

12:45-13:00 Conclusion, Takeaways, & Networking

13:00 Lunch

Friday 8th March

Practicalities Of Integrating Robust Cyber Security Measures Into Smart Metering Systems

Purpose of the Workshop: The rise of smart metering systems brings unparalleled advantages in data precision and operational efficiency for utility companies. However, as these systems become more connected, they also become vulnerable to an array of cyber threats. This workshop aims to address these vulnerabilities by focusing on integrating robust cybersecurity measures tailored to the unique challenges of smart metering.

Why This Workshop is Important: Smart meters are fast becoming the backbone of modern utility management, but their connectivity also makes them targets for cyberattacks. Breaches can lead to data theft, service interruptions, or even sabotage. By integrating cyber security measures designed specifically for these systems, we can safeguard critical infrastructure and maintain the trust of consumers.

Learning Objectives & Takeaways:

  • Understanding the cyber vulnerabilities specific to smart metering systems
  • Identifying and implementing tailored security protocols
  • Integrating real-time monitoring and rapid response mechanisms
  • Adapting to evolving cyber threats while maintaining system functionality

Through this workshop, attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of the cyber threats facing smart metering systems and will be equipped with practical strategies to integrate robust security measures, ensuring the safety and reliability of critical infrastructure.


14:00 Introduction & Landscape Overview
The current state of smart metering and associated cyber vulnerabilities.

14:15 The Anatomy of a Cyberattack on Smart Meters
Delving into past cyberattacks, their methods, impacts, and lessons learned.

14:45 Designing a Cyber Security Blueprint for Smart Metering
Core components of an effective security strategy tailored for smart meters.

15:15 Real-time Monitoring and Rapid Response
Setting up systems to detect and respond to threats in real-time.

15:45 Refreshment Break

16:15 Interactive Session: Addressing Participant Concerns
An open platform for attendees to share their unique challenges and brainstorm solutions.

16:45 Evolving Threats: Staying Ahead of Cyber Criminals
An exploration of emerging threats and strategies to counteract them.

17:15 Case Study Analysis: Real-world Scenarios of Security Integration
A deep dive into real-life instances where security measures successfully thwarted cyber threats.

17:45 Workshop Exercises: Design Your Security Protocol
Practical exercises where participants draft a basic security protocol for a hypothetical smart metering system.

18:15 Conclusion, Takeaways, & Networking


  • TOTAL COST AND ROI ANALYSIS: Delve into comprehensive cost analysis and evaluation methodologies for understanding the ROI on data acquisitions and its practical applications
  • DATA UTILIZATION: OPTIMIZING THE USE OF DATA FOR LONG-TERM STRATEGIES:  Considering how data will be used and adapting to various scenarios is key for long-term strategic alignment
  • AI INNOVATION AND APPLICATION: Learn about the real-world applications and tangible benefits of AI in addressing challenges like leakage and pressure release in water metering
  • INTELLIGENT DATA PROCESSING AND UTILIZATION: Learn strategies to streamline the data processing from smart meters and utilise this data intelligently for improved decision-making
  • CUSTOMER BEHAVIOR AND USAGE ANALYSIS: Uncover the significance of understanding customer behavior and leveraging usage data for more accurate forecasting and strategy formulation
  • CLIMATE CHANGE & SMART METERING:  Explore the role of smart metering in the climate change scenario and how it impacts water supply
  • LEAKAGE AND CONSUMPTION REDUCTION: Understand the novel strategies to combat leakage and promote consumption reduction through customer behaviour insights
  • STREAMLINED DATA PROCESSING:  Explore innovative approaches to refine and intelligently utilise the vast amount of data generated, ensuring effective and timely data processing
  • DEMOGRAPHIC USAGE ANALYSIS AND FORECASTING: Gain insights into how different demographics use water under varied conditions and how this knowledge is pivotal for accurate future forecasting
  • ADVANCED METERING INFRASTRUCTURE INSIGHTS: Learn about the importance and benefits of AMI and how it can resolve key issues related to accuracy in billing and improve meter reading processes
  • COSTLY CONSEQUENCES: AVOIDING IMPROPER TECHNOLOGY CHOICES: Making the wrong technology choice can lead to severe financial and reputational repercussions
  • CONNECTIVITY CHALLENGES: ACHIEVING ROBUST CONNECTIVITY: Reliable connectivity for smart water metering is crucial for consistent implementation, especially in challenging terrains
  • PERFORMANCE PUZZLES: ENSURING OPTIMAL TECHNOLOGY FUNCTIONALITY: Multifaceted aspects like battery life, environmental conditions, and compliance impact the performance of smart metering technology - discover solutions 
  • SYNCHRONIZED CONTRACT MANAGEMENT: Master the art of drafting contracts that synchronise various stakeholders effectively
  • LEGACY SYSTEMS: INTEGRATING NEW TECHNOLOGIES SEAMLESSLY: Overcoming integration problems due to reliance on outdated systems is pivotal for technological advancement
  • COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY INSIGHTS: Deep dive into diverse communication technologies like LoRaWAN and narrowband IoT to understand which suits specific needs
  • INDUSTRY STANDARDIZATION: UNDERSTANDING THE IMPACT OF PAYLOAD FORMATS: Learn from industry standardisation authorities in smart metering technologies

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