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Strategic Decision Makers, Technical Experts, and Hands-on Professionals from Water Utilities Throughout The World Including

CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, Deputy Generals, Heads, Directors & Managers of:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Demand Management
  • Technology & Smart Networks
  • Customer Experience Transformation
  • Strategy & Regulation
  • Water Supply Networks & Customer
  • Performance Improvement
  • Digital Engineering
  • Water Resources
  • Customer Strategy, Billing & Customer Experience Design
  • Smart Metering/Smart Metering Transformation     
  • Metering Strategy & Technology  
  • Innovation  
  • Data & Analytics  
  • Customer Leakage   
  • Water Demand Reduction
  • Metering Engineers 

Plus, Investors, Directors, CEO’s, Business Development Heads, Sales Directors, & Technologists From Smart Metering Solution Providers, Representing….

  • Smart Metering Hardware Solutions  
  • Intelligent Retrofitting
  • Devices & Solutions  
  • Software For Customer Personalisation  
  • Global Water Consultants & Market Analysts  
  • Communications Infrastructure For Smart Metering  
  • A.I. & Machine Learning Solutions  
  • Billing Solutions  
  • Smart Meter Project Managers & Turnkey Solution Providers  
  • Sensors & IOT Devices  
  • Customer Facing Apps  
  • Mobile Phone Integration Solutions    
  • Training Providers For Tariffs & Metering Innovation  
  • 5g & Wireless Middleware Solutions  
  • Digital Twins To Visualise Complex Data  
  • Smart Metering Future Proofing Solutions  
  • Data Visualisation Solutions For Customers  
  • Smart Grid Solutions For Metering Integration  
  • Data Analytics Solutions  
  • Data Integration Solutions  
  • Leakage Management Technology Solutions  
  • Smart Software Integration Solutions  
  • Valves & Flow Components For Smart Water Meters  
  • Data Protection & Privacy Specialists  
  • Virtual Simulation Software  
  • Cyber Security For Smart Metering  
  • Workforce Training Solution For The Digital Era    
  • Intelligent Network Technology  
  • PR Companies Specializing In Customer Communication  
  • Legal & Communication Experts To Help Handle Anti-Metering Groups  
  • Data Usage Applications For The Water Industry  
  • End-To-End Metering Solution Providers  
  • Trial & Project Management Partners‚Äč


Waterwise is the leading independent voice in the UK for using water wisely, for the benefit of people and the planet. Our vision is that water is used wisely every day, everywhere, by everyone. We are the UK’s conscience on water efficiency, on behalf of people and the planet, and are experts in water efficiency policy, regulation, research, behaviour and campaigns. Waterwise is a people-led organisation which prioritises the wellbeing of its staff.

We are at the heart of a huge network of stakeholders in the UK – as part of this, in 2022 we published our Water Efficiency Strategy to 2030, which we created with 70 organisations and has an ecosystem of groups and activity to deliver it. 

In our Strategic Direction to 2030 we set out how we will flex our independence even more, harness the power of partnerships, listen to a more diverse range of voices and, drive, develop and deliver even more campaigns. We are committed to playing our role in equity, diversity and inclusion in the water sector and we published our EDI statement setting out commitments on this in 2022.

Water scarcity is a huge issue right across the UK, right here, right now, and not just an issue for the future – water efficiency is a huge part of the solution, making the water we have go further, and reducing water and energy bills and carbon, as well as leaving more water in the environment to sustain our beautiful rivers and lakes, and economic and housing growth. We are very grateful for the support of our Supporters, Affiliates and sponsors, without whom we could not drive our vision. Do get in touch if you would like to work with us on water efficiency.

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DAY 1:

Delivering All The Information Required To Implement Smart Meters And Customer Data Applications In The Water Industry

  • Mega-Trends In Worldwide Deployment & Testing Of Smart Metering Technology & Data Analytics Applications To Achieve Environmental Policy And Water Conservation Goals

  • CEO/CFO Perspectives On What They Are Looking To Achieve Through Smart Metering Implementation
  • Successful Smart Metering Implementation For An Authority That Needs To Conserve Water Whilst Reducing Cost
  • Implementing An Action Plan For A Cost Effective End-To-End Smart Metering Programme That Delivers Value For Both Customers & The Water Utility
  • Justification Of The Business Case For Implementing Intelligent Metering Technologies As An Enabler For Climate Action
  • Championing The Use Of Smart Metering Technologies To Identify And Repair Customer Leaks On A Scale Never Before Attained
  • Making The Case For Smart Metering Technology Investment To Gather Complete & Consistent Data To Engage Customers In A Conversation About Water Consumption And Usage
  • Probing Under-Explored Benefits Of Smart Metering Technology For Water Companies & Customers - Including Saving Money On Meter Readings, Safety & Social Monitoring
  • Implementing Smart Metering & Leveraging Data Within An Ecosystem Of Intelligent Networks
  • Successfully Implementing A Smart Metering Programme: Execution Strategies, Technical Details & Practical Tips From The Field
  • An Operational Roadmap For Leveraging Data Generated By Smart Water Meters To Influence Customers' Behaviour & Detect Leaks
  • Retrofitting Mechanical Meters With Smart Functionality For Leak Detection To Avoid The Cost Of Building An Entire New Infrastructure
  • Best Practice Retrofitting Of Mechanical Meters With IOT Sensors & Wireless Networks That Are Reliable And Cost Effective
  • Learning About New, Scalable Ways To Improve Existing Water Meters And Provide A Smart Water Home Experience For Water Utility Customers With Hardware Add Ons
  • Cost Benefit Analysis Of A Smart Meter And Valve Combination To Remotely Adjust Water Flow And Then Following Through With An App For Customers
  • Combining Smart Devices And Analytics Solutions To Gain Actionable Insight For Leak Detection


Meet Water Utilities From All Across The Globe, Whether They're In Attendance In Person Or Online 

  • Convincing & Educating Consumers On The Benefits Of Smart Metering And How To Use The Technology In The Context Of Climate Change, Inflation, And The Cost Of Living Crisis
  • Working With Diverse Customer Groups To Change Attitudes To Technology & Apps
  • How To Tailor Communication To Different Groups Of Customers To Make It Easier For Them To Change Their Behaviour And Attitude Toward Metering Data And Water Conservation
  • Addressing The Nuances Of Handling Political Opposition To Smart Meters & Dispelling Health & Privacy Concerns
  • Best Practice Utilisation Of Metering Data – Beyond Billing, Usage & Leak Detection – To Create Value For Water Customers
  • Knowing What Data To Share With Customers & How To Communicate Water Savings Messages Alongside That Data
  • Optimising The Network Architecture & Implementing New Technology To Give Customers Full Visibility Over Their Usage Data
  • Evaluate The Latest Solutions & Innovative Products To Help Water Utilities Make Better Use Of Data Generated From Smart Meters & Intelligent Sensors
  • Evaluating The Most Recent Intelligent Software Products, Virtual Simulations, And Digital Twins To Support Smart Metering Technologies To Identify Pressure, Flow, And Consumption Anomalies
  • Making Sure That The Hardware And Communications Technology Used In Smart Metering Programmes Can Be Updated Easily And Cost Effectively In The Future
  • Future Proofing Smart Hardware And Communications Technology So That They Can Be Implemented With Minimal Disruption And Expense
  • Investigating New Technology Solutions, Beyond Traditional Smart Metering That Utilise Sensors & Apps To Provide Customers With Real-Time Data & Alarms
  • The Latest Developments In Smart Metering Data Analytics, & Machine Learning To Help Customers With Their Decision-Making
  • Use Case On Utilising Digital Twins To Take Metering Data & Present It In A Way That Is Easy For Staff To Understand To Help Customers Manage Consumption
  • Adapting The Workforce In The Field To The Era Of Smart Metering & Water Data Analytics
  • Developing More Advanced Skills for Those Involved in the Installation, Management, and Maintenance of Metering Infrastructure, Including IT, Data Analytics, and Communications Technologies
  • The Roadmap On Developing Measures To Address Cyber & Data Security Risks Relating To Smart Meter Technology & Devices

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